The Phoenix Zones Movement seeks to create a world in which Phoenix Zones are no longer necessary – a world that is itself a Phoenix Zone.

Using nonviolent principles found in the book Phoenix Zones: Where Strength Is Born and Resilience Lives by Dr. Hope Ferdowsian, the Phoenix Zones Movement addresses the root causes of violence and injustice to help create more resilient, empathic communities of people and animals. We tackle the structure of violence at multiple levels – from individual choices to the social, economic, and cultural forces that inform and influence behavior.


What Are Phoenix Zones?

Phoenix Zones are places that fuel wellness, recovery, and resilience – where great care is given to creating peace, strength, and hope. But they go even deeper. Through respect for freedom and sovereignty, a commitment to love, tolerance, justice, and opportunity, and a belief that each individual possesses dignity, Phoenix Zones foster what’s known in medical circles as the Phoenix Effect – wherein individuals can rise from the proverbial ashes, heal, and thrive.

The Phoenix Effect and Phoenix Zones are metaphors for how we can move beyond our history of violence and indifference. They show us how progress is not a zero-sum game. Each Phoenix Zone produces momentum for the next – an avenue to change and space to avoid the creation of harm in the first place. They show us how we can reimagine our future and reshape crises into opportunity and hope.


At the Phoenix Zones Movement, we value:


PrinciplesSimply put – freedom is a world in which our bodies and movement are our own. Love is the awareness that we are not alone in our struggles. Justice is the realization that every struggle matters. And opportunity is the chance to thrive in the bodies we inherit. Fulfillment of these principles is possible when we recognize that every individual has dignity – intrinsic worth. These principles reflect our physical and mental needs, as animals.


Ethics.The ends do not justify the means. We incorporate our mission-based principles into our everyday activities. We are honest, transparent, proactive, and responsive. We are committed to creating relationships that permit us to work respectfully and effectively alongside the individuals and organizations with whom we partner.    



Results. We are committed to having long-term, measurable impact on people’s and animals’ lives. We seek to address root causes of oppression and violence, and we realize that this requires us to address issues holistically and at multiple levels. We are committed to tracing the effects of our work and support to individuals, populations, and policy, and we realize that this requires reflecting on, clearly defining, and communicating the nature of the change we desire to achieve.